e-Invoicing (October 2018)

This consultation process has now been completed.
Consultation Type
Consultation Paper

Key Documents

The Australian and New Zealand Governments are jointly consulting on e-Invoicing governance arrangements as part of our common approach to progress e-Invoicing.

Operational governance is required for the ongoing management of the e-Invoicing Interoperability Framework, to continue to drive adoption, and is essential to provide confidence and maintain the trust of users, participants, and their customers in the framework’s operations.

The intention is to establish an independent, fair and equitable governance structure for trans-Tasman e-Invoicing. 

The discussion paper focuses on four areas that we would like to engage with stakeholders on:

  • Legal considerations – What do you consider to be significant policy or legal barriers to the implementation of e-Invoicing in Australia and/or New Zealand?
  • Legal personality, continuity and limited liability – What do you think would be the best legal structure for the operational governance body?
  • Government and industry participation in operational governance
    1. Beyond the initial establishment phase, who do you think should lead the operational governance of trans-Tasman e-Invoicing; and what functions and roles should the operational governance arrangement include?
    2. Do you see sufficient incentive in our proposal for you to consider participating in the operational governance body?
  • Operational sustainability – How do you think the long-term sustainability of the operational governance of trans-Tasman e-Invoicing, with appropriate cost allocations, can best be assured; and what funding models do you suggest?


No submissions are currently available.