Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program


On 8 February 2024 the Australian Government announced that the Youpla Support Program will replace the Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program from 1 July 2024.

From 1 July 2024

Under this new Program, people who paid premiums for Youpla Group policies that were active anytime on or after 1 August 2015 can apply to receive a resolution payment.

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The Youpla Group, also called the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF), collapsed in March 2022.

The Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program helps the families of fund members affected by the collapse conduct Sorry Business with dignity.

Through the Program, the Australian Government will pay a grant in place of a funeral benefit that would otherwise have been paid by the Youpla Group before its collapse.


You can apply for the Program if your loved one has passed away and they were a Youpla Group or ACBF fund member on or after 1 April 2020. If the member’s funeral has already been paid for, you can still make an application.

The Program will pay an amount up to the cover limit of the member’s Youpla Group or ACBF policy.

This Program is not a compensation scheme. The Program will only pay a funeral benefit for a member who has passed away.

If you are not the person named as the payee on the Youpla Group or ACBF policy, but need to make an application, we will contact you to help us to work out if you should be the person paid by the Program.

Make an application

To make an application follow the steps below.

Applications can be made up to 30 June 2024.

Step 1 - read the checklist

Read the Document checklist and see what documents you will need to make an application.

Download the Document checklist [307KB |  818KB]

Step 2 - complete the application

Start to complete the application form.

Download the Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program application form [408KB - PDF | 616KB - DOCX]

Step 3 - send the application

Once you’ve filled out the application form, email the form and your supporting documents to us at

Or mail them to us at:

Funeral Benefits Program
Financial System Division
The Treasury
1 Langton Crescent

Need help

If you need help at any stage, we can help you make an application:




  • Making an application under the Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program [ 252KB | 637KB]
  • Processing your application [236KB - PDF | 601KB - DOCX]
  • What if I’m not the person named as the payee on the Youpla Group funeral expenses policy? 182KB | 602KB]
  • More help for conducting Sorry Business [222KB | 613KB]

Additional materials for download


More support


13YARN is a crisis support line for First Nations people who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping.

13YARN offers a confidential one-on-one yarning opportunity with a Lifeline-trained First Nations Crisis Supporter who can provide crisis support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call 13YARN on 13 92 76.

More Sorry Business help

You can also read the More help for conducting Sorry Business factsheet for further support services.

Download the More help for conducting Sorry Business factsheet [222KB | 613KB]


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