East Timor Agreements



Treaty information Australian domestic implementation
Text and information Signature Status of treaty Entry Into Force Domestic Legislation Explanatory Memorandum Implementing Act No.
IUA or Agreement relating to the Unitisation of the Sunrise and Troubadour Fields 6/03/2003 In force 6/1/2009 n/a Greater Sunrise Unitisation Agreement Implementation Bill 2004 No. 47 of 2004
Timor Sea Treaty & ‘Annex G - Taxation Code 20/05/2002 In force 4/2/2003 Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) (Consequential Amendments) Act 2003 Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2003 No. 10 of 2003
Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) Act 2003 Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) Bill 2003 No. 9 of 2003
2002 Exchange of Notes on Timor Sea Petroleum 20/05/2002 In force 5/20/2002 n/a n/a n/a

Where information is available electronically hyperlinks have been inserted to applicable sources.

The rate limits provided are generally those for outbound flows. Inbound flows may be subject to different rates.

Reference should be made to treaty texts for the conditions applicable to each rate limit.

For reference purposes Australian non tax treaty withholding tax rates are Unfranked dividends 30%, Interest 10% and Royalties 30%.