Australia's Future Tax System - Consultation Paper

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Consultation Paper

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The terms of reference set an objective for the review of creating a tax-transfer structure that will position Australia to deal with its demographic, social, economic and environmental challenges, and enhance Australia’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

The Panel’s four consultation questions, issued in August, were intended to elicit community perspectives about the way in which Australia’s tax-transfer system should be structured to better position Australia to respond to developments over the next few decades and address the perceived major short-comings in the system as it operates today.

Submissions have responded to these issues and identify several key challenges and opportunities of importance in considering Australia’s future tax-transfer system:

  • the type of society in which Australians might choose to live, including considerations about the role and size of government in Australia;
  • increasing globalisation and the changing pattern of world economic activity;
  • demographic change, including changing patterns of workforce participation;
  • climate change, the environment and sustainable economic growth;
  • intergovernmental relationships within the Australian federation;
  • the process of policy formation and its administration; and • the role of technological progress.


6 submissions were received for this consultation.