Phase Two: Operation and Efficiency - Issues Paper



The Scoping Paper entitled 'The Scope of the Review – a three phased consultation', released on 25 August 2009, explains the scope of the Review. 

There are some observations that need to be made about the way the Review is approaching some of the issues within its terms of reference.  We have decided to defer a detailed discussion on issues relating to advice and distribution (which might ordinarily have been dealt with in this Phase) until after the report of the 2009 Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services Inquiry into Financial Products and Services in Australia (Ripoll Inquiry) has been handed down (scheduled to be on 23 November 2009).  Also, in our initial scoping paper, we said that the Government's lost member accounts and clearing house proposals were outside scope.  While that remains the case, this issues paper canvasses issues that are closely related to both of those topics (eg multiple accounts, eligible rollover funds and central clearing for all superannuation transactions).