Treasury Annual Report 2021-22

The Treasury
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Introduction and guide to the report

The Treasury Annual Report 2021‑22 outlines performance against outcomes, program and performance information contained in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2021‑22, Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2021‑22 and the Treasury Corporate Plan 2021‑22.

More comprehensive performance reporting for the Foreign Investment Review Board and Takeovers Panel may be found in their respective annual reports.

Part 1 details Treasury’s role, functions, senior management structure, organisational structure and portfolio structure.

Part 2 provides an analysis of performance against Treasury’s policy and program outcomes.

Part 3 reports on management and accountability issues as required under the annual report guidelines.

Part 4 presents the audited financial statements of Treasury as required under the annual report guidelines.

Part 5 includes other information as required under the annual report guidelines.

This report concludes with a glossary, a list of abbreviations and acronyms, and an index.

Other sources of information

Treasury releases information on its activities through publications, media releases, speeches, reports and the annual report. Treasury publications are available on its website.

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