Gender Equality Action Plan

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Treasury's key program for gender equality is the Progressing Women Initiative (PWi) and led be the Gender Equality Committee. The interim Gender Equality Action plan was endorsed by Treasury's People and Inclusion Committee in 2021 and provides the focus and key actions to promote gender equality at Treasury and ensure that Treasury is an employer of first choice for all genders.

Our vision

That all people can access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities in the workplace. We are committed to:

  • Advancing gender equality as a shared responsibility across the department
  • Ensuring women are equally represented, progressed, valued and rewarded
  • Using our influence to progress equality and inclusion issues
  • Reinforcing recent progress towards broader diversity and inclusion

Leadership and Accountability

  • Applying a gender lens to all policies and strategies.
  • Promotion and advocacy of gender equality.
  • Activities, initiatives and events designed to raise awareness and promote gender equality and career advancement.
  • Develop and reward inclusive leaders 
  • Promotion and demonstration of respectful behaviour and a safe workplace.

Key projects

  • Policy assessment, delivery and accessibility of policies
  • Visibility and Communications (newsletter, intranet, #IStandForRespect pledge)
  • External promotion and outreach (Cross Agency Gender Equality Network, portfolio agencies and other workplaces)
  • Approaches to preventing and responding to bullying and sexual harassment


  • Tools and processes to drive gender equality in recruitment, advancement  and retention.
  • Mentoring, sponsorship, and coaching programs for women that are offered both formally and informally.
  • Leadership training and mentoring opportunities to promote career progression and satisfaction.

Key projects

  • Mentoring and sponsorship (formal and informal)
  • Recruitment (including university engagement)
  • Promotion and retention
  • Promoting and developing leadership skills

Data and Knowledge

  • Regular Treasury-wide and group-level reporting to provide visibility and support delivery of actions.
  • Informing Treasury-wide policy and specific issues.
  • Establishment of an perpetual knowledge source.
  • Understanding available quantitative and/or qualitative data to assess the impact of the policies and culture across Treasury.

Key projects

  • Treasury-wide annual Inclusion and Progressing Women’s Initiative survey
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Inclusive Culture

Work-life and flexibility offerings customized according to the function and job to support employees.

  • Resources for the promotion of gender equality and other Diversity &   Inclusion networks.
  • Training for staff in relation to equality awareness, unconscious bias, combatting gender discrimination and sexism, and recruitment and selection.

Key projects

  • Flexible and remote work policies advice
  • Unconscious bias (or similar) research, training and checklists
  • Treasury diversity and inclusion networks connection and activities
  • Consideration of the Respect@Work report


  • International Women’s Day
  • Fundraising
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • Female speakers and diversity on panels