Corporate Plan 2021-22


Treasury is the Government’s lead economic adviser. Treasury’s purpose is to provide advice to the Government and implement policies and programs to achieve strong and sustainable economic and fiscal outcomes for Australians.

This is a significant responsibility which relies on our professionalism, judgement and expertise.

Our work during 2020-21 has been a vital part of the economic response to COVID-19. Treasury continues to play a key role. Our work is focused on providing sound economic advice and analysis to foster sustainable economic outcomes. We continue to design and deliver policies and programs that assist in securing Australia’s recovery.

In 2020-21 our effectiveness was underpinned by the capability of our staff, our ability to quickly adjust and our preparedness to take on things we would not normally do. We strengthened our relationships and worked across the Commonwealth and the states to deliver integrated health and economic advice.

While we were highly effective, the intensity of work has taken a toll on many of our people, and we will continue to work to support staff wellbeing.

This Corporate Plan – for the reporting period 2021-22 to 2024-25 – sets out how we will direct our efforts to achieve our purpose and deliver on the Government’s priorities, including those set out in the May 2021 Budget.

Our plan provides an overview of Treasury’s operating environment, key priorities and activities, capabilities and how we will measure our performance.

This is our primary planning document and has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the PGPA Act.

I look forward to reporting on our progress in the annual performance statements included in the Treasury Annual Report.

Dr Steven Kennedy PSM

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