Clearer Super Choices: Matching Governance Solutions



This paper, the Review Panel’s initial ‘Preliminary Report’, is an opportunity for the Panel to start to outline the key themes that are emerging in its work so far. It is informed by analysis of the submissions on the Phase One Issues Paper, stakeholder discussions and by the research undertaken by the Panel in preparing the two subsequent Issues Papers (including a recent international study tour). This Preliminary Report is intended to communicate the Panel’s current direction as a means of focusing community discussion and providing early feedback on the trends, issues and ideas under consideration.

This Preliminary Report contains few finalised recommendations. One submission and several stakeholder discussions suggested that the Panel not make recommendations on governance until after consultation on Phases Two and Three are complete because conclusions reached in those Phases could have a bearing on governance. The Panel accepts the logic of that position. The Panel expects that its final views and recommendations on governance will be strongly informed by the Panel’s examination of Phases Two and Three of the Review: Operation and Efficiency, and Structure (including SMSFs). After taking into account submissions and deliberations during Phases Two and Three, the Panel’s conclusions on governance will form part of its final report due by 30 June 2010.

To this end, stakeholders are invited to make comments about this Preliminary Report by way of a submission in Part Three: Structure (including SMSFs).

There are, however, a few issues that were raised in the Phase One: Governance Issues Paper which the Panel believes it can now say are not going to be pursued in the Review, either because there is a strong consensus on the issue or because it has limited dependence on the broader discussions still taking place. These issues are addressed briefly in section 7 of this document.