Financial System Inquiry Final Report

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This report responds to the objective in the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference to best position Australia’s financial system to meet Australia’s evolving needs and support economic growth. It offers a blueprint for an efficient and resilient financial system over the next 10 to 20 years, characterised by the fair treatment of users.

The Inquiry has made 44 recommendations relating to the Australian financial system. These recommendations reflect the Inquiry’s judgement and are based on evidence received by the Inquiry. The Inquiry’s test has been one of public interest: the interests of individuals, businesses, the economy, taxpayers and Government.

Note: A publishing error was identified in the printed version of the Financial System Inquiry Final Report. The error is in Chart 9: Frequency that Interim Report observations were raised in second round submissions on page 289. The labels on the left hand axis were transposed. The PDF on the website has been corrected.

This publication forms part of the 2014 Financial System Inquiry ('The Murray Inquiry').