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Very remote Indigenous communities benefiting from ATM initiative



On 1 December 2012 the Government welcomed the launch of a new initiative by the Australian banking industry and two major independent ATM companies to provide free transactions at selected ATMs across very remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

A convenient Fact Sheet is available.

A list identifying ATM sites included in the program is available for download.

The Taskforce with input from other Government agencies, community groups, and the industry determined the following criteria for identifying ATMs for inclusion in an arrangement:

  • The ATM is located in very remote Indigenous communities based on indicators of remoteness provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics;
  • The ATM is located in a community store (and not in venue that provides alcohol or gambling services); and
  • The residents of these very remote Indigenous communities lack access to an alternative retail banking service, such as a bank branch, bank ATM, post office (Bank@Post) or Traditional Credit Union (TCU) branch.

In select community areas, more than one ATM may be included in the arrangement.

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