Trust in key institutions


Theme: Cohesive
Dimension: Trust in institutions


  • Proportion of people who report having trust in healthcare system
  • Proportion of people who have trust in police

Why does this matter

People have more satisfying lives when they live in an environment characterised by trust in each other and their institutions. The belief that the healthcare system and the police will provide the intended services are key to wellbeing.

Has there been progress

In 2020, nearly four in five (79.3 per cent) Australians agreed that the police can be trusted, while more than three quarters (76.4 per cent) trusted the healthcare system.1

There is some regional variation in levels of trust. For example, trust in the healthcare system was higher in major cities (77.6 per cent) than outer regional and remote areas (69.6 per cent).

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics (2020) General Social Survey, ABS website, accessed 14 July 2023.

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