PDF Help


Help! I'm having trouble with PDF files

Where possible our website includes a HTML version as well as tagged PDF files.

If you are unable to view PDF files please refer to the following list of common problems and their solutions:

Problem: I am trying to save the PDF file but it is displaying as an ASHX file which my computer can't open.


To save the file

Right click on the link to the file you would like to download. Select 'Save Target As'. Make sure the file type is showing as PDF and select Save.

If you have saved the ASHX file to your computer

Double-click on the file and let your computer decide which application should open the file or select your PDF viewer if you are presented with application options. If no program opens the ASHX file then you may not have an application installed that can view ASHX files.

Alternatively if you know you have a PDF view installed, rename the ASHX file as a PDF file. This can be done by locating the file on your computer and renaming it (right click on the file and then select rename), change the file extension from .ashx to .pdf. You should then be able to open the file with your PDF viewer.

Problem: You don't have a PDF reader or the reader on your computer PDF reader might be outdated.

Solution: You will need to download a PDF reader or update your PDF reader. A list of free PDF readers is available on Wikipedia.

Problem: Your web browser may not be configured to read the PDF file by itself.

Solution: Assuming you have a PDF reader on your computer, download the PDF file to your desktop then open it from the PDF reader. If you are unsure that your computer has a PDF reader, a list of free PDF readers is available on Wikipedia.

Still having problems?

Contact Treasury's webmaster identifying the document and we will email you the PDF file.