Native Title, Indigenous Economic Development and Tax

This consultation process has now been completed. Submissions available
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Consultation Paper

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The Government has resumed consultation on the paper entitled Native Title, Indigenous Economic Development and Tax. The consultation paper discusses the interaction between the income tax system and native title and sets out possible approaches to reform. The consultation paper also discusses how existing deductible gift recipient categories could be better adapted to reflect the needs of Indigenous communities.

The Government has received a range of proposals to use the tax system to promote Indigenous economic development. Direct spending programs are ordinarily better suited to providing support for this important Government priority. Nevertheless, the consultation paper invites comment on possible reform approaches to indigenous economic development.

An initial period of consultation began with the release of the consultation paper in May 2010.  However, due to the caretaker period, public consultations were then suspended.  This release continues the consultation period.


33 submissions were received for this consultation, including 1 confidential submission.

AgForce Queensland - pdf 78.78 KB
Ahava Energy Pty Ltd - pdf 1.01 MB
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BHP Billiton Ltd - pdf 46.25 KB
Cape York Partnerships - pdf 326.29 KB
Central Land Council - pdf 258.97 KB
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Law Council of Australia - pdf 102.84 KB
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Raytheon Australia - pdf 21.39 KB
Reconciliation Australia - pdf 112.56 KB
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