Financial Industry Supervisory Levy Methodology

This consultation process has now been completed. Submissions available
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Discussion Paper

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This paper seeks submissions on the design and operation of the Financial Institutions Supervisory Levy. The focus of the discussion paper is on the methodology used for the application of the levy.

Please note that the paper originally published on 5 April 2013 contained an error in relation to Table 3 on page 4 which has now been corrected.

Treasury's response to the Financial Industry Supervisory Levy Methodology Review

16 April 2014 | Response

The Treasury has released its response to submissions received on the discussion paper 'Financial industry supervisory levy methodology', released on 5 April 2013.  It contains a number of conclusions for consideration by Government in the context of the 2014-15 Financial Institution Supervisory levies setting process.

Consistent with past practice, the 2014-15 Financial Institution Supervisory Levies setting process will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide comments on the application of the levies.  Should stakeholders wish to provide comments ahead of the 2014-15 levies setting process, comments can be provided to


16 submissions were received for this consultation, including 2 confidential submissions.