Encouraging venture capital investment in FinTech

This consultation process has now been completed.

The Government is calling for feedback on the best way to ensure investors into FinTech startup activities can be eligible for the venture capital tax concessions.

The Government’s FinTech statement, released in March 2016, committed to encouraging investment in FinTech firms by ensuring that the tax concessions are available for venture capital investments in FinTech startups, including banking and insurance activities. Further information on the Government’s FinTech agenda is available, at: http://fintech.treasury.gov.au/

The Government welcomes submissions on the availability of venture capital tax concessions for investment into FinTech, banking and insurance activities (refer to the ‘Backing our FinTech industry’ paper). We seek ideas on how to ensure the tax concessions are available for the right FinTech startup activities, which may include potential changes to the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 definition of ‘ineligible activities’ for venture capital investment.


No submissions are currently available.