Tariff reform: removal of nuisance tariffs

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The Australian Government will abolish around 500 nuisance tariffs in the biggest unilateral tariff reform in two decades to boost productivity, reduce compliance costs for businesses and ease the cost of living for Australian families by over $120 million over the next four years.

From 1 July 2024, tariffs will be abolished on a range of imported goods including household necessities such as toothbrushes, tools, fridges, dishwashers and clothing. These tariffs do nothing to protect Australian businesses because they apply to goods that often arrive under a concessional rate.

This is an important step in simplifying Australia’s trade system and removing compliance burdens for Australian firms. After successive trade agreements, most goods are now imported duty-free. This means that businesses spend time and money proving their imports are eligible for existing tariff preferences and concessions.

Removing tariffs on menstrual and sanitary items will align tariff policy settings with changes made to the GST and put further downward pressure on the price of these goods.

Treasury is seeking views from interested parties on the nuisance tariffs selected for removal ahead of finalisation of the list of tariffs.


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