Expanding Australia's Tax Treaty Network

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To support the expansion of Australia’s tax treaties network, submissions from stakeholders are sought from 16 September 2021 to 31 October 2021.

The Government is expanding Australia’s tax treaty network with a plan to enter into 10 new and updated tax treaties by 2023, building on our existing network of 45 bilateral tax treaties, as announced in the Treasurer’s media release.

Negotiations with India, Luxembourg and Iceland are occurring this year as part of the first phase of the program. Negotiations with Greece, Portugal and Slovenia are scheduled to occur next year as part of the second phase.

Submissions are sought on the key outcomes Australia should seek in negotiating these tax treaties and any other issues related to Australia’s tax treaty network.

Details of Australia's existing tax treaties are available on the Treasury website.

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41 submissions were received for this consultation, including 6 confidential submissions.

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AUSUAE Business Council - pdf 130.48 KB
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Clarebrough, Peter - pdf 234.06 KB
CPA Australia - pdf 201.33 KB
Dac, Jak - pdf 109.15 KB
EY - pdf 89.83 KB
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Lehet, Nancy - pdf 71.48 KB
Myers, Dr Lisa - pdf 475.7 KB
Purcell, Amy - pdf 10.05 KB
Russell, Tim - pdf 400.16 KB
Saunders, Margo - pdf 806.2 KB
Straker, Benjamin - pdf 556.45 KB
The Tax Institute - pdf 689.35 KB
Triolo, Jason - pdf 134.75 KB
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Virgin Australia - pdf 360.43 KB
Waak, Marla - pdf 62.44 KB
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White, Mary - pdf 1.09 MB
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Winter, Bryce - pdf 97.47 KB
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