Developing a voluntary code for charities to improve the transparency of charitable donations during natural disasters

This consultation process has now been completed.
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Consultation Paper

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The Government is collaborating with the charity sector to develop a voluntary code to improve the transparency of the use of charitable donations during natural disasters (the Transparency Code). The Transparency Code will provide charities which choose to become signatories with a framework for transparent reporting of disaster recovery fundraising and activities.

A working group of charity representatives (the Australian Red Cross, BlazeAid, the Minderoo Foundation and RSPCA Australia) and Treasury officials have been tasked with developing the key features of the Transparency Code.

The working group has developed a consultation paper which identifies five potential features of the Transparency Code which it considers will be key to ensuring the Code is a workable and effective solution to improving transparency. The consultation paper seeks views from charities and the general public on these features.


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