Amendments to the private and public ancillary fund guidelines

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Exposure Draft

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An exposure draft of amendments to the Private Ancillary Fund Guidelines 2009 and the Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines 2011 is being released for public consultation.

The amendments update the guidelines to make a number of changes, including introducing portability into the Private Ancillary Fund Guidelines 2009, removing red tape from certain reporting requirements, updating the investment strategy rules, reducing the minimum annual distribution rate, clarifying that donors may make non-binding preferences known to the trustee of a public ancillary fund, and updating spent or redundant references.

Further details are contained in the exposure draft explanatory statement.

The amendments are proposed to commence on 1 July 2016.


23 submissions were received for this consultation.

AMPAG - pdf 129.51 KB
CPA Australia - pdf 33.45 KB
Fay Fuller Foundation - pdf 940.17 KB
Feilman Foundation - pdf 73.56 KB
Good2give - pdf 129.61 KB
Hangid Foundation - pdf 412.99 KB
Ingram, Mr Paul - pdf 95.61 KB
Philanthropy Australia - pdf 736.69 KB
Research Australia - pdf 277.82 KB
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