Disability Action Plan 2014-18



Treasury's Disability Action Plan is currently under review. An updated plan is due for release later in 2021.

A message from the Secretary

The Treasury’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of the Australian people by providing sound and timely advice to the government, based on objective and thorough analysis of options, and by assisting the Treasury Ministers in the administration of their responsibilities and the implementation of government decisions. To accomplish this we recruit the best staff we can and promote them through our organisation based on merit. We recognise that a disability does not preclude someone from making a valuable and unique contribution so we refuse to let a disability become a barrier to someone joining or progressing in our organisation. We seek to provide all our staff with the support they need to live balanced, successful working lives and for staff with disabilities this may mean additional support. This is important if we are to retain and make the most of their talents. Further we recognise that some disabilities are not always obvious and may require discreet management. To accommodate this we provide confidential assistance through our Organisational Wellbeing team. Disabilities come in many forms and there is no single solution to the issues they raise. Our program recognises this and encourages the local dialogue and actions necessary to provide support on a case‑by‑case basis. Dr Martin Parkinson PSM Secretary to the Treasury


Our goal is to attract, support and retain the best staff we can and, if they have a disability, provide the support they need to feel as much a part of our organisation as any other staff member while contributing and developing to their full potential.


We will do this by:

  1. Developing a culture of acceptance and respect.
  2. Providing full access to development opportunities.
  3. Providing effective access to our premises and information.
  4. Seeking to attract and retain a diverse workforce which is more representative of the nation we serve.


A Culture of Acceptance and Respect

Action Timeline Measurable Target
Communicate the Disability Action Plan (DAP) to all staff and ensure it is readily available. Annually DAP available via internet and intranet. Information included in new‑starter induction program. Registered with the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).
Create an environment that makes staff with disabilities comfortable with discussing their situation, and how it might be improved, with their immediate manager, co‑workers or the Organisational Wellbeing Team. Ongoing Provide management training, as necessary. Provide employee advice as necessary. Provide a confidential discussion channel through the Organisational Wellbeing Team. Encourage specific discussion and advice in specific work situations.

Access to Development Opportunities

Action Timeline Measurable Target
Ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else unless exceptional circumstance make this impractical. Ongoing The People and Organisational Strategy Division to drive compliance using performance agreements, training and 360 feedback.

Access to Premises and Information

Action Timeline Measurable Target
Ensure current departmental premises are accessible to people with disabilities. Ongoing People with disabilities are able to access buildings and facilities.
Workstation adjustment monitored for staff with disabilities. Ongoing Staff with disabilities are provided with suitable equipment and working environments. Reasonable adjustment requests are met as far as practicable. IT upgrades consider the compatibility of any assistive technology used in the Department.
Provision made for staff with disabilities in emergency, evacuation and safety procedures. Review at each trial evacuation Emergency, evacuation and safety procedures include relevant information for staff with disabilities. Fire Wardens and First Aid Officers are made aware of any staff with specific needs in their designated area.
Relevant information about Treasury and its business available on the internet and intranet in alternate formats. Ongoing Internet sites comply with Government online accessibility requirements. TT Y access available for departmental information.

Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce

Action Timeline Measurable Target
Recruitment processes are merit based. Ongoing Selection panels are appropriately trained and aware of disability issues.
Job advertisements explicitly encourage people with a disability to apply. Ongoing Monitor applicant diversity data.
Recruitment agencies engaged by Treasury support and encourage the employment of people with a disability. Ongoing Monitor applicant diversity data.
Disability employment networks are used when recruiting new staff. Ongoing Establish relationship with employment networks.
Ensure Treasury’s flexible working arrangements and employment conditions are promoted through the recruitment process. Ongoing Information included in Managers’ Portal. Information included in new‑starter induction program.

For Help or More Information

Contact the People and Organisational Strategy Division on 02 6263 3018 or at LearningandDevelopment@treasury.gov.au.