'How this guide works'



Don’t sign anything! Don’t accept keys or pay bond money before you have professional advice.


This guide is designed for people thinking about signing a new lease for a business location. It can help you answer general questions about retail leasing all over Australia, but remember there are some specific differences among the States and Territories. There will also be specific issues relevant to the nature of your particular business that this guide will not be able to cover.

The purpose of this guide is to help you avoid mistakes that others have made. If you know the right questions to ask before signing a lease, and where to look for more information, you might avoid expensive misunderstandings that could cost you and your business. It is a guide to help you ask the right questions. It cannot replace professional advice but it can help you focus on what advice you will need.

The guide gives you warnings and checklists to help you decide how and when to ask for expert help. You should get advice from a solicitor, your local retail tenancy office, small or retail business association, or fair trading office before you sign anything.