Economic Conditions Business Liaison


Treasury’s Business Liaison Program has maintained contact with organisations across Australia for over a decade and is an integral part of the forecasting process. Companies from major industry sectors participate in the program, ranging in size from large multinationals to smaller localised firms.

The program also covers peak industry bodies and associations. Meetings are usually held with Chief Financial Officers, Finance Directors or Managing Directors, as well as market analysts. The program is managed by Treasury’s Macroeconomic Group with between 150 and 200 face-to-face meetings conducted each year.

The information collected from liaison is used to inform near-term forecasts and to test and identify emerging trends in the economy. Liaison meetings provide direct contact with the ‘real’ economy, and allow for a deeper understanding of the economic conditions being faced by business and how they are likely to respond to expected developments.

The core contact group includes large businesses in the mining, retail and construction and services sectors. The program also often focuses on sector-specific issues as they arise.


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