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It is the role of the Treasury to provide advice on effective tax and retirement income arrangements that contribute to the overall fiscal outcome, influence strong sustainable economic growth for the good of the Australian people. The Treasury is responsible for assessing and advising on the general design of the tax system and its components, and retirement income policy, in relation to economic efficiency, equity, income distribution, budgetary requirements and economic feasibility.


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    As part of the Government’s Enterprise Tax Plan, the corporate tax rate for small corporate tax entities has been cut to 27.5 per cent. The turnover threshold that applies for a corporate tax entity to qualify for the lower corporate tax rate will increase annually from $10 million in the 2016-17 income year to $50 […]

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    Increasing the supply of Affordable Housing – Treasurers media release Overview As part of the 2017-18 Budget, the Government announced it would be providing tax incentives to increase private and institutional investment in affordable housing. Additional 10 per cent capital gains discount for investments in affordable housing From 1 January 2018, the Government is encouraging […]

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    As part of the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2016-17 Budgets, the Government announced changes to the tax consolidation rules to ensure the integrity of the system. The Bill contains six measures designed to remove anomalous tax outcomes that arise under the tax cost setting rules when an entity leaves or joins a tax consolidated group. These […]

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