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The China Australia relationship: Recognising the challenges, grasping the opportunities

Australia-China Youth Dialogue

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 14-10-2011
India's long term growth potential and the implications for Australia

Bill Brummitt 19-09-2011
The implications of global economic transformations for Australia

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 19-09-2011
Wellbeing, living standards and their distribution

New Zealand Treasury Academic Guest Lecture series

Dr David Gruen 9-09-2011
Evidence-based infrastructure investment

CEDA 2011-12 Transport Infrastructure Series

Jim Murphy 24-08-2011
Sustainable wellbeing - An economic future for Australia

Shann Memorial Lecture Series

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 23-08-2011
Lessons about fiscal policy from the 2000s

Dr David Gruen 16-08-2011
Understanding the key elements of covered bonds legislation

John Lonsdale 15-08-2011
Compulsory superannuation and national saving

Dr David Gruen 1-07-2011
Sustaining growth in living standards in the Asian Century

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 30-06-2011
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