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31-01-2013 2012 Tax Expenditures Statement

The Treasury today released the 2012 Tax Expenditures Statement. The statement provides details of concessions, benefits and incentives delivered to taxpayers through the tax system. These are referre …

Media Release
28-11-2012 Future challenges: Australia's superannuation system

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

Introduction It's a great pleasure to address ASFA's 2012 National Conference on New Directions, in your 50th year. I suspect the 40 pioneers from your first conference in 1962 would be impressed to …

22-11-2012 The need for wellbeing measurement in context

Dr David Gruen and Duncan Spender

Economic Growth and Wellbeing Symposium

On previous occasions I have discussed the Treasury’s wellbeing framework (summarised in the attachment) and issues with the measurement of wellbeing.2 To shed more light on both the role of the …

20-11-2012 The importance of productivity

Dr David Gruen

1It is a pleasure to be here today and thank you Gary [Banks] and Brian [Pink] for providing the opportunity for me to speak to you. Productivity is a watchword for many Australians at the moment: p …

1-11-2012 Fiscal choices and federal financial relations

Nigel Ray

It's a pleasure to speak to you as part of this important conference. Today, I'd like to talk about fiscal choices and the importance of public debate. More specifically, I'd like to address the emer …

16-10-2012 Strength through flexibility and diversity

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

Speech to the California-Asia Business Council's 2012 Asia Night

Thank you for the opportunity to join you tonight. It's a pleasure to be here and to be able to say a few words on an issue of common interest - the rise of Asia as an economic powerhouse. The s …

11-10-2012 Managing risk in financial markets

Jim Murphy

I will give a Government perspective on the topic of managing risk in the financial system. Firstly, I will make some general comments about the nature of risk in financial markets; secondly, the …

5-10-2012 Challenges and opportunities for the Australian economy

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

John Curtin Institute of Public Policy Breakfast Forum

Before I begin my address to you today, I would like to show my respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past and present, on which this event takes place. Let me al …

19-09-2012 Structural Change and the Rise of Asia

Structural change and the Rise of Asia Wednesday 19 September 2012 The Hyatt, Canberra Jointly hosted by the International Monetary Fund, Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Australia Asia's r …

4-09-2012 Tax policy during a resources boom

Rob Heferen

Introduction It’s a great pleasure to be here. I would like to speak today about tax policy during a resource boom together with some of the longer term implications for Australia resulting f …

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