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24-07-2014 The 2014 G20 Growth Agenda: Why business as usual is not enough1

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

***Check against delivery*** In February this year, G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors committed to boost the G20 economies’ collective GDP by at least 2 per cent above the curren …

4-07-2014 Financing the future

Barry Sterland PSM

Speech to the Melbourne Institute: Social and Economic Outlook 2014

***Check against delivery*** Introduction It's a pleasure to be here, and thank you to the organisers for inviting me to talk on the topic of financing the future. About two weeks ago, I was in Mel …

4-07-2014 Implications of digitisation for the Australian tax system

Rob Heferen

Speech to the 2014 Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne Institute

1. Introduction Thank you for inviting me to speak today on the challenges for our tax system from the digital age. In recent decades, digitisation has been a key contributor to increased product …

3-07-2014 After the resources investment boom: seamless transition or dog days?

Dr David Gruen

Speech to the Australian Conference of Economists, Hobart

Introduction Australia’s resources investment boom is a topic familiar to us all. I’m going to talk about it again today. It’s a familiar topic for good reason: it has seen one o …

2-07-2014 Challenges and opportunities for Australia over the next decade

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

Introduction Thank you for the invitation to speak with you this morning. The Budget was handed down a little over seven weeks ago now. Since then, there has been much debate on the Government' …

23-06-2014 Towards an efficient and stable financial system*

Dr David Gruen

Introduction Thank you for the opportunity to speak today. With the financial system inquiry now well under way, I would like to focus on why the government intervenes in the financial system, and …

23-05-2014 2014 Post Budget Economic Briefing

Nigel Ray

Speech to Institute of Public Administration Australia ACT Chapter

***Check against delivery*** Introduction Thank you very much for inviting me to speak this morning. My topic is the 2014-15 Budget and its economic context. In the shorter term, the fiscal stance …

22-05-2014 Opening Address to the Second Meeting of the Australia-Hong Kong RMB Trade and Investment Dialogue

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

***Check against delivery*** It is a pleasure to be with you today and I thank you for participating in today's dialogue. The Australia-Hong Kong RMB Dialogue provides a unique opportunity for cons …

22-05-2014 RMB Dialogue

Supported by It has been an eventful period for RMB developments since the first Dialogue in Sydney around a year ago …

20-05-2014 The 2014-15 Budget and Sustaining Broad Based Growth in Living Standards

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM

Speech to the Australian Business Economists

***Check against delivery*** Introduction Thank you for the invitation to be with you today. This is my fourth, and last, ABE Post-Budget address as Treasury Secretary. They have been among the high …

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