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22-03-2016 The importance of culture

John Fraser

Lunchtime address to the ASIC Annual Forum 2016

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. I want to start by touching on some of the broad forces currently shaping our financial system – and why that makes the topic of culture in fina …

21-03-2016 Remarks at the Australia, Japan and International Economic Outlook Seminar

Nigel Ray

Thank you for the invitation to speak at this annual event. It is a particular pleasure to be here with my colleague Asakawa-san. Today I shall focus my remarks on international economic developments …

8-03-2016 The Macroeconomic Context

Nigel Ray

Remarks at the CEDA 2016 Economic and Political Overview

Thank you for inviting me to speak this morning. There is a long and productive tradition of discussion between Treasury and CEDA on the macroeconomic outlook and how this will affect Australian wel …

26-02-2016 CEO of the Board of Taxation

Secretary to the Treasury, John A Fraser, is pleased to announce Ms Karen Payne has been engaged in the new role as Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Taxation. Effective from 31 March 2016, the …

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26-02-2016 Infrastructure: Setting the public policy compass

John Fraser

Keynote address at GIH-CPPC-WEF Conference on Building Capability, Managing Risks and Enhancing Efficiency - Shanghai

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen; It is a pleasure to give the keynote address at the Global Infrastructure Hub’s inaugural conference. I would especially like to welcome delegates …

18-02-2016 Forecasting in Treasury

Warren Tease

Address to CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview Conference

Introduction I would like to thank CEDA for the opportunity to speak at today’s conference. I will focus on recent issues in economic forecasting and share with you the outcome of a recent revi …

28-01-2016 The Australian Budget – some context

John Fraser

Speech to the Sydney Institute

What I want to do tonight is rather simple – outline some of the background to the current budgetary situation and some of the issues that confront the Government. It's a dry but important subject. …

25-11-2015 The Australian economy and challenges of change

John Fraser

Address to the China Advanced Leadership Program (CALP)

Introduction Over the past three decades, one of the most profound shifts in the global economy has been the rapid economic growth of China. It has transformed global trade and investment flows …

24-11-2015 The Macroeconomic Context

Nigel Ray

Address to the Australian Business Economists Conference

Introduction Thank you for inviting me to speak today. It is a pleasure to be here to continue the long conversation between Treasury and the ABE on the macroeconomic outlook. I shall organise my r …

8-10-2015 An inside perspective on the Tax White Paper

Roger Brake

Introduction Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to speak today. This morning, as requested, I will be giving you a bit of an “inside perspective” into the Tax White Paper from …

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