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It is the role of the Treasury to provide advice on effective tax and retirement income arrangements that contribute to the overall fiscal outcome, influence strong sustainable economic growth for the good of the Australian people.

The Treasury is responsible for assessing and advising on the general design of the tax system and its components, and retirement income policy, in relation to economic efficiency, equity, income distribution, budgetary requirements and economic feasibility.

Programs & Initiatives

The Treasury manages a range of taxation related programs & initiatives that support the priorities of the Government.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

On 7 December 2015 the Government announced a $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). More information is available on the NISA website.

View detailed information on NISA-related changes to the tax system.

Tax Evasion and Multinational Tax Avoidance

Australia is leading the global fight against multinational tax avoidance and is cracking-down on taxpayer tax evasion.

For further information, visit the tax evasion and multinational tax avoidance page.

Tax Treaties and TIEAs

Australia has tax treaties with other countries to foster cooperation between Australia and other international tax authorities.

For information about tax treaties that Australia has, including which country, what is the status, what is the withholding tax rate limits and how are the implemented within Australia, visit our Tax treaties page.

Inspector-General of Taxation

The Inspector-General of Taxation is an independent statutory office established to review system tax administration issues and recommend to Government improvements to tax administration for the benefit of taxpayers. The overall aim is to identify how to reduce the administrative burden for taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations.

For further information on the work of Inspector-General of Taxation and current review in progress, visit the Inspector-General of Taxation website.

Board of Taxation

The Board of Taxation is a non-statutory advisory body charged with contributing a business and broader community perspective to improving the design of taxation laws and their operation.

The Board is tasked with advising the Treasurer on improving the general integrity and functioning of the taxation system and commissioning research and other studies on tax matters.

For further information, visit the Board of Taxation website.

Sounding Board

The Board of Taxation is seeking ideas for tax system improvement. Sounding Board is open to tax bodies and professionals, businesses and members of the public to have their say on ways to improve the tax system. It is designed for tax system improvement ideas, such as ways to reduce red‑tape which result in compliance savings.

To get involved, visit Sounding Board and follow the prompts to create your account. For further information on Sounding Board and the Board of Taxation’s regulatory reform role visit the Board of Taxation website.

Taxation of Financial Arrangements

A discussion paper has been released on improving the operation of the taxation of financial arrangements tax hedging provisions.

For further information on the TOFA Stages 3 & 4 provisions, visit the Taxation of Financial Arrangements website.

Tax and Superannuation Protocol

This Protocol provides a framework for the working arrangements between the Treasury and the ATO to enable the best possible functioning of the tax and superannuation systems that Treasury and the ATO share the stewardship of.

For further information, please visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

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