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Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council

The Government has established the Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council to drive competitive reforms so that Tasmanian individuals, households and businesses are more likely to see lower prices, more innovative and efficient businesses, with higher quality products, more job opportunities and sustained prosperity.

The Council is jointly chaired by the Prime Minister and Mr Dale Elphinstone.  Members include the Commonwealth Treasurer, the Commonwealth Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Premier of Tasmania, the Treasurer of Tasmania, the Chair of the Major Projects Approval Agency, and members of the Tasmanian business community.

The Council will give consideration to the type of competitive reforms needed to boost Tasmania's long-term growth. It will not countenance measures that are a mere continuation or expansion of Commonwealth grants or one-off payments.

The Council has real potential both to identify the type of reforms needed to boost Tasmania's economy and to develop definitive, agreed plans and lines of accountability for the implementation of these reforms.

The Council will engage with others to establish, as far as possible, the broadest consensus to drive change.

Further information about the Council, including a brief record of meetings, will be posted in ‘Key Documents’ when they become available.

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