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The Treasury promotes competitive, efficient markets that work to enhance consumer and investor wellbeing, a secure financial system and sound corporate practices, and foreign investment consistent with Australia's national interests.

This includes regulatory and competition reforms to improve Australia's productivity and international competitiveness and participation in regional and international forums such as G20.

Statistical Data

Statistical data covering the areas of finance and markets such as interest and exchange rates, prices and inflation and balance of payments can be found on the Reserve Bank of Australia website.

Programs & Initiatives

The Treasury manages a range of programs & initiatives that support the priorities of the Government.

Water Licensing Arrangements

There is market uncertainty about whether water rights and contracts to trade these rights are derivatives, which are a type of financial product. This uncertainty extends to trade of water allocations and entitlements (sometimes called temporary and permanent trade) which occur frequently.

For further information, visit the Water Licensing Arrangements page.

Future of Financial Advice

The Future of Financial Advice reforms will improve the trust and confidence of Australian retail investors in the financial planning sector. They are designed to tackle conflicts of interest that have threatened the quality of financial advice that has been provided to Australian investors.

For further information, visit the Future of Financial Advice website.

Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation

The ARPC is a statutory authority established by the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003 to administer the terrorism reinsurance scheme, providing primary insurers with reinsurance for commercial property and associated business interruption losses arising from a declared terrorist incident.

For further information, visit the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation website.

Federal Financial Relations

The Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations provides an overarching framework for the Commonwealth's financial relations with the States. A key feature of the new framework is the centralised payment arrangements which will simplify payments to the States, aid transparency and improve the States' budget processes.

For further information on Federal Financial Relations, visit the Standing Council on Federal Financial Relations website.

Australian Office of Financial Management

The Australian Office of Financial Management is a specialist Australian Government agency responsible for management of Australian Government debt. It also manages the Government's cash balances and invests in financial assets.

For further information, visit the Australian Office of Financial Management website.

Foreign Investment Review Board

The Foreign Investment Review Board examines foreign investment proposals and advises the Government on the national interest implications of those proposals.

For further information, visit the Foreign Investment Review Board website.

Takeovers Panel

The Panel is a peer review body that regulates corporate control transactions in widely held Australian entities, primarily by the efficient, effective and speedy resolution of takeover disputes.

For further information, visit the Takeovers Panel website.

Australian Government Actuary

The Australian Government Actuary are actuarial consultants working within Government for Government offering a centralised service to clients throughout the Australian public sector and overseas.

For further information, visit the Australian Government Actuary website.

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