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Treasury received 185 submissions in response to this consultation. Of these submissions, 28 were confidential.

The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or the Treasury.

The Treasury requests submissions are received in an accessible format. If you are having difficulty with the accessibility of any of the submissions below please contact

The Government thanks all those who made a submission to the consultation process and is carefully considering the feedback provided.

Document name
Actuaries Institute 52KB
Ager, Mr Stuart 100KB 34KB
Allen, Mr David 607KB 300KB
Allens 996KB
AMP 278KB 637KB
Arthur, Mr Phillip 1.0MB
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia 1.0MB
Association of Financial Advisers 445KB 525KB
Australian Bankers’ Association 743KB
Australian Centre for Financial Studies 239KB
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 564KB
Australian Council of Trade Unions 445KB
Australian Financial Markets Association 1.0MB
Australian Instititute of Company Directors 6.0MB
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees 1.0MB 10.0MB
Australian National University 239KB 112KB
Australian Payments Clearing Association 243KB
Australian Payments Council 665KB
Australian Retail Credit Association 364KB
Australian Retailers’ Association 216KB 1.0MB
Australian Securitisation Forum 649KB
Australian Shareholders’ Association 229KB
AustralianSuper 452KB
Batt, Mr Gordon 193KB 226KB
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 265KB
Bivell, Mr Victor 131KB 73KB
Bowhill, Mr Stephen 99KB 34KB
Brazier, Mr Matt 96KB 3.0MB
Brotherhood of St Laurence 287KB 789KB
Business Council of Australia 301KB
Cahill, Mr Anthony 45KB 182KB
Casey, Mr Bernard and Bateman, Ms Hazel 369KB 5.0MB
Cavendish 64KB
Cbus Super 212KB
Centre for Independent Studies 613KB
Centre for International Finance and Regulation 2.0MB
Challenger 2.0MB
Challenger and Mercer 272KB
Chambers, Mr Brian 8KB 71KB
Chant West 239KB
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand 127KB 5.0MB
Chi-X Australia 455KB 5.0MB
Clanchy, Mr Michael 95KB 32KB
ClearView 1.0MB
ClubPlus Super 968KB
Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association 158KB
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 898KB
Consumer Action Law Centre 559KB
Consumers Federation of Australia 255KB
Cook, Ms Dianne 91KB 32KB
Corporate Super Association 2.0MB
Corrie, Mr Peter 204KB 94KB
CPA Australia 419KB
Cresswell, Mr Ralph 93KB 71KB
CSR Limited 326KB
Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes 409KB
Customer-Owned Banking Association 937KB
Daly, Mr Jim 16KB 39KB
DibbsBarker 119KB
Dumas, Mr Rudolphe 128KB 2.0MB
eftpos 264KB
Equip 757KB
Experien Insurance Services 6.0MB
Fidelity Worldwide Investment 866KB
Financial Ombudsman Service 245KB
Financial Planning Association 862KB
Financial Rights Legal Centre 359KB
Foresters Community Finance 193KB
Genworth 248KB
Good Shepherd Microfinance 748KB
GoodSuper 167KB 412KB
Governance Institute of Australia 474KB
Halcrow Bros 98KB 32KB
Howarth, Mr James 87KB 75KB
Impact Investing Australia 2.0MB
Impact Investment Group 540KB
Income is the Goal 245KB 7.0MB
Independent Fund Administrators and Advisers 542KB 3.0MB
Industry Super Australia 2.0MB
Innovation Australia 324KB
Insurance Council of Australia 614KB
Jenner, Mr Phillip 181KB 91KB
King and Wood Mallesons 642KB
Members of ASIC Consumer Advisory Panel – Ms Kingsford Smith, Dimity and Dr Nehme, Marina 366KB
Law Council of Australia 383KB
Leahy, Mr Louis 92KB 33KB
Lock, Ms Diane 223KB 98KB
Macquarie Group 559KB
Mair, Mr Peter 231KB 127KB
Master Builders Australia 94KB 2.0MB
MasterCard 8.0MB
Mathematicians Party Australia 132KB
McFarlane, Mr Ian 95KB 33KB
McNamee, Mr Peter 91KB 105KB
Melbourne SMSF Group 195KB 178KB
Mercer 410KB 1.0MB
MFAA and CAFBA 185KB 5.0MB
Michael (No surname provided) 97KB 32KB
Moore, Mr Chris 696KB 2.0MB
Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia 296KB 4.0MB
NAB 12.0MB
Name Withheld 1 2.0MB
Name Withheld 2 97KB 33KB
Name Withheld 3 8KB 75KB
Name Withheld 4 99KB
Narrow Road Capital 555KB 427KB
National Insurance Brokers Association 296KB
National Seniors Australia 1.0MB
Nimble 418KB
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 209KB
Omniwealth 341KB
On-Market BookBuilds 518KB
PayPal Australia 788KB
Philanthropy Australia 443KB 3.0MB
Property Funds Association 299KB
Qantas 505KB
QSuper 755KB 2.0MB
Rafferty, Mr Rowan 314KB 90KB
Ramsay, Mr Duncan - Submission 1 10KB 34KB
Ramsay, Mr Duncan - Submission 2 94KB 32KB
RateSetter Australia 562KB 365KB
REST Super 960KB 8.0MB
Slonim, Mr Neil 234KB 4.0MB
Smith, Mr Kingsley 478KB
Smith, Mr Luke 67KB 61KB
SMSF Association 542KB
SMSF Owners’ Alliance 351KB
Social Ventures Australia 281KB 1.0MB
Solutions4Strategy 936KB
Spring Financial Group 3.0MB
Stockbrokers Association of Australia 272KB
Suncorp Bank 290KB
Suncorp Group 80KB
Swan, Mr Paul 59KB 35KB
TAG Financial Services 97KB
Taxpayers Australia 436KB 7.0MB
Telstra 59KB
Telstra Super 204KB
Timmons, Mr Bryan 82KB 38KB
Trounce, Mr Peter 3.0MB
TWU Super 2.0MB
UniSuper 726KB
Visa 535KB
Watt, Ms Catherine 127KB
Westpac 852KB
Women in Super 329KB 439KB
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