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People values

Treasury people are skilled professionals, committed to providing quality advice, thinking analytically and strategically, and striving to achieve long-term benefits for all Australians. We uphold the important values and behaviours that shape the Treasury culture. These values influence all aspects of the way we work.

Treasury people management principles

  • There will be open, two-way communications at all levels.
  • Accountabilities will be clearly defined.
  • Remuneration will be based on work performance and determined by fair transparent processes.
  • Staff will be assisted in achieving appropriate work and private life balance.

Treasury people will

  • Strive for excellence;
  • value teamwork, consultation and sharing ideas;
  • value diversity among our people;
  • treat everyone with respect;
  • exhibit honesty in all our dealings; and
  • treat colleagues with fairness.
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Contact the Treasury

Telephone +61 2 6263 2111 or
1800 020 008 (Switchboard, 8.00 am to 5.30pm AEST)
Facsimile: + 61 2 6263 2869
Email Us
ABN: 92 802 414 793