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An inclusive workplace — the Treasury’s inclusivity and diversity strategy

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A message from the Secretary

A diverse and inclusive culture is essential to the future of the Treasury. It is not only important for ethical reasons, but is critical from a business perspective. Diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives make us resilient and robust to new operating environments. Building diversity within our organisation makes us more effective in our mission, and results in a Treasury which is a better place for all employees.

We have made great inroads already with the introduction of the Inclusive Workplace Committee, established as a result of the Strategic Review which assesed our organisational capabilities and to oversee the Progressing Women initiatives. The Committee has successfully implemented a number of strategies to elevate the representation of women in leadership at all levels in the Treasury, and to ensure Treasury is an inclusive organisation where all people of merit can succeed.

While the establishment of the Inclusive Workplace Committee has provided a strong foundation for building a more inclusive workplace, I recognise that we still have some way to go in achieving improved diversity in other key areas, such as the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with a disability.

This Strategy, and its associated Action Plans, articulate the initiatives that the Treasury will undertake to create and support a more inclusive workforce. It is the responsibility of all Treasury employees to demonstrate behaviour consistent with the objectives of this Strategy with colleagues and stakeholders, and to continue to build a culture that is unbiased and collaborative.

It is with great pleasure that I present this suite of initiatives that will help us achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM
Secretary to the Treasury

Treasury’s Mission

To improve the wellbeing of the Australian people by providing sound and timely advice to the government, based on objectives and thorough analysis of options, and by assisting the Treasury Ministers in the administration of their responsibilities and the implementation of Government decisions

Our Aim

The aim of this Strategy is to increase the number of, and support for, the following groups:

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace  
Women in leadership The Treasury is committed to attracting, supporting and retaining women in leadership roles, and ensuring that staff at all levels operate in an inclusive workplace. We are committed to a target of 35 per cent female representation in the SES by 2016, with a longer term goal of at least 40 per cent.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people The Treasury is committed to attracting, supporting and retaining Indigenous staff so that they feel as much a part of our organisation as any other staff member; can celebrate important cultural events with pride and joy; and develop alongside their colleagues to their full potential. We are committed to the Federal Government’s goal of having 2.7 per cent of the Public Service comprising staff of Indigenous backgrounds by 2017.
People with a disability The Treasury is committed to attracting, supporting and retaining the best staff we can and, if they have a disability, to provide the support they need to feel part of our organisation and develop to their full potential.
People from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds The Treasury is committed to multicultural access and equity, and aims to provide advice that is culturally sensitive and improves the wellbeing of the Australian people.

Strategy at a glance — United in Diversity

Strategy at a glance

Our objectives

The following objectives underpin the Treasury’s Workplace Inclusivity and Diversity Strategy 2014-18:

  • Encourage and support staff to value, respect and embrace workplace diversity and to reflect this in Treasury’s management systems and everyday work practices.
  • As far as possible, attract and retain a diverse workforce which is representative of Australian society. This includes targeted areas for the Treasury, such as progressing women in leadership, attracting and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and supporting staff with disabilities.
  • Ensure a safe and supportive working environment that meets the needs of a diverse workforce and supports an appropriate work-life balance.

What we will achieve

  • People and our organisation will be strengthened by explicitly valuing diverse and complementary leadership behaviours and by building a more inclusive workplace.
  • A diverse and inclusive workforce is more likely to reflect the views of the Australian people, helping to formulate robust and citizen-centric policies.
  • A diverse and inclusive workforce will equip the Treasury to meet the changing profile of the Public Service, encouraging us to think differently about delivering the same outcomes with fewer resources; and to better lead and manage change.
  • Work-life balance will be improved, with Treasury employees having access to flexible working arrangements without damaging their careers.

Our Current State

The Treasury’s Inclusive Workplace Committee (IWC) is chaired by the Secretary and was established in 2012. It is the key decision-making body for advancing the Progressing Women Initiative (PWI). It makes decisions about the work program, sets milestones, consults and communicates with staff, and measures the success of the Progressing Women Strategic Priorities.

Given the IWCs success with the implementation of PWI, it will take responsibility for broader inclusivity and diversity initiatives.

How we will meet the aims of this strategy?

Each focus area is accompanied by an Action Plan, with clear deliverables, ownership and milestones.

  • Women in leadership — Treasury’s Progressing Women Initiative.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people — Treasury’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2014-16.
  • People with a disability — Treasury’s Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2014-18.
  • People from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds — The Department of the Treasury Agency Multicultural Plan (AMP) 2013–15Multicultural Access and Equity Policy: Respecting diversity. Improving responsiveness.

How we will report performance

  • The Public Service Act 1999, the Public Service Regulations 1999 and the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2013 require all APS agencies to establish workplace diversity programs. To meet this requirement, the department will report regularly on its key achievements to the department’s IWC; in its Annual Report; and in APS Census data.

What is your role in this Diversity Strategy?

The People and Organisational Strategy Division have overall responsibility for managing the implementation and reporting of this strategy and its Actions Plans to the IWC.

However, it is the responsibility of every Treasury employee, including all levels of management, to ensure that workplace diversity remains an important part of our daily working practices. These responsibilities are embedded in the APS Values and the Treasury’s People Values and influence all aspects of the way we work.

Treasury people:

  • strive for excellence
  • value teamwork, consultation and sharing ideas
  • value diversity among our people
  • treat everyone with respect
  • exhibit honesty in all our dealings
  • treat colleagues with fairness.

For Help or More Information

Contact the People and Organisational Strategy Division on 02 6263 3018 or at

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